Zeytinlik village

Templos (nowadays Zeytinlik ) is situated on the northern slopes of the Five Finger mountains, only three miles west of the town of Kyrenia. It is generally believed that the village was named after the Knights Templar. Apparently, during the Lusignan period, this village was the headquarters of the above-mentioned Knights. In 1975 its name was changed to Zeytinlik, meaning “olive orchard.”
Zeytinlik was the centre of olive oil production in the past, and it still retains some of its original character with people having kept the trees in their gardens and some of the old olive groves still remaining too.
The town has its own certain presence, it’s peaceful and traditional with a few quality restaurants such as The Archway, a traditional Turkish Cypriot restaurant. It has a great atmosphere and is always popular with locals and holidaymakers alike. A number of expats have also made the area their home due to its close location to the main town whilst still providing a peaceful setting in which to live.
Visitors are also treated to the ever growing and international North Cyprus Olive Festival each year in October, where there are plenty of opportunities to see and buy traditional olive products and enjoy the entertainment laid on for spectators.
You can also find the old olive mill which has seen some restoration to enable visitors to see how the mill used to operate, and it still contains a clocking in book where the workers signed in each day.
Zeytinlik is definitely worth a visit, especially at festival time when the place really comes to life!