Windsurfing and kitesurfing in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is especially suitable for kitesurfing and beginner kiters . Surfing in Northern Cyprus , where one part of the island is immersed in forests and citrus plantations, and the second is famous for its coastal zones, bays and bays – this is exactly what you need to do active sports enthusiasts.

And so, Northern Cyprus is suitable for kitesurfing, because in the summer there are winds that are quite suitable for beginners, and there are not so many people on the beaches as in the southern parts of the island, which allows the kite to comfortably sit in a convenient place to ski. In addition there are a lot of wild beaches with small pebbles and deep clear water. In North Cyprus there are many spots for kiting . Most of them are located near cities and other settlements. Very popular among kiters are Morphu Bay, named after the city located near it and the coast of Gaziveren.

There are many stations and quality zones for kite in Northern Cyprus , therefore, various kitesurfing conferences and competitions and other global events often take place here . Participants in these events can rent their favorite apartment, bungalow or villa .

In local kite schools, beginners promise to teach the basics of this exciting sport in 8 hours of training. In addition, in North Cyprus there is a children’s surfing club located on the coast of the city of Guzelyurt. It is noteworthy that the bays of Northern Cyprus attract kiters even from other parts of the island. Unlike the rest of Cyprus, where changeable winds blow in summer, they are constant in its northern part, although they cannot be called strong. In summer, the number of wind days is around 220.

For professionals who prefer a more extreme form of kitesurfing , the winter season is a good choice when the wind blows stronger, although not so constantly. Due to the mild climate in winter, the temperature does not fall below 10 degrees, and the water does not cool below +16.