Walnut jam

Who visited Cyprus must have tasted the walnut jam. This is one of the most delicious desserts.It is often served in restaurants at the end of the meal as a gift from the restaurant.

Walnut jam is not only a tasty delicacy, but also a very useful product. It contains elements that are beneficial to human health, which are especially good for the cognitive functions of the brain.

The optimal time to collect green nuts in Bulgaria is from late May to mid-June. In size it is a nut about the size of a quail egg and a little more, depending on the variety. But the main criterion is dairy maturity and a soft, undisturbed shell. Walnut should be easily pierced and without effort cut with a knife, not have solid partitions inside. The preparatory process is quite long, but does not require much effort and active time.

Nuts are best collected away from the roadway, since they tend to accumulate heavy metals. 
When you have collected the required number of fruits (today I got about 5 liters of green walnuts), they need to be rinsed and cut off on both sides.