Date palms, under the leaves of which clusters hang and cluster their fruits, immediately catch the eye of everyone who comes to Cyprus.

In Cyprus, date palms grow everywhere. The cities of Cyprus are proud of the long alleys of these beautiful and magnificent trees .

It’s nice to look at their ripe heavy clusters:

Dates are amazing fruits, distinguished by exquisite taste.

But did you know that the date palm is considered one of the oldest plants on the planet and the first plant that people have cultivated?
Mankind has known this tree since the fourth millennium BC! There is evidence of cultivation of this tree in Mesopotamia more than six thousand years ago!

The international scientific name of date palms is “Phoenix dactylifera” (Phoenix dactylifera), which means “fingers bearing” from the Greek word “dactyl” (ancient Greek “δάκτυλος”, the Greek word “δάχτυλος”), which means “finger”. Fruits – dates are compared with fingers.

The fruits of the date palm are called “Berries of Life”, “Nature’s Pantry” and “Desert Bread”.

Indeed, dates can successfully replace food, as they contain all the necessary set of nutrients for humans. If you eat only dates and drink only water for several months, this will not cause any harm to the human body.

In addition, dates refer to “food for weight loss.” This is an ideal treat, they can be a useful substitute for familiar sweets and pastries. Dates are also tasty, but they do not contain a large amount of refined sugar.

We have collected the TOP-20 interesting facts about dates and date palms:

Fact No. 1

Dates have a taste but no smell

Fact No. 2

There are more than 300 varieties of dates, which are very different in their taste

Fact No. 3

Within one calendar month, one new leaf develops on the date palm. For this reason, in ancient Egypt, these trees served as the first calendar!

Fact No. 4

Dates recommend eating with diabetes, which is surprising, given the sweetness of this fruit. They do not increase blood sugar

Fact No. 5

There is very little chance of an allergy to dates

Fact No. 6

Dates Activate Male Sexual Power

Fact No. 7

Dates are recommended daily for anemia to meet the need for iron,  potassium and copper.

Fact No. 8

Dates are often used in folk medicine. Of them make decoctions and infusions that help with diseases of the cardiovascular system

Fact No. 9

Date palm trees are divided into male and female

Fact No. 10

One date palm can produce up to 250 kg of dates

Fact No. 11

The root system of date palms allows them to use underground groundwater even in the driest places, and without water date palms do not grow

Fact No. 12

The date palm was called the “tree of life”, as it could provide all the necessary vital human needs: food, housing, building materials, materials for weaving and weaving, medicine

Fact No. 13

Date palm trees begin to bear fruit at the age of about 5 years.

Fact No. 14

Date palm trees can reach a height of 35 meters and live more than 200 years!

Fact No. 15

Seeds of a date palm tree can remain inactive for centuries until the necessary conditions – light and water 

Fact No. 16

The fruits of the date palm ripen for about 7 months. When fully ripened, they are reddish brown

Fact No. 17

Dates are used to make wines, syrups and even vinegar and, of course, with a sweet filling of dates in the winter in Cyprus they prepare “Phoenix” – Cypriot  “curabiesdes”

Fact No. 18

In nature, date palms are pollinated naturally. One male tree can pollinate up to hundreds of female

Fact No. 19

On commercial plantations, only female palm trees are bred and pollinated by hand.

Fact No. 20

In Cyprus, fresh dates are stored in the freezer without loss of taste and useful properties.

Here are such interesting facts about the beauties of date palms and their fruits, which in Cyprus simply grow along roads, like lindens or birches in Russia.