Traditional Cypriot sweets -pestil cevizli sucuk

In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses and traditional Cypriot snacks, soups and main dishes, many of the recipes of which we published earlier, unusual sweets can be enjoyed on the island. What to order for dessert in a Cypriot cafe? What is sucuk? Answers to these and other questions can be found in our review of traditional Cypriot sweets.

Sucuk is one of the most famous sweets on the island. This grape juice is frozen with honey flavored with almonds or walnuts inside – essentially the same as the Caucasian “churchkhela”. Ready fruit and nut “sausages” can be eaten with tea or coffee, they are not sugary-sweet and perfectly satisfy light hunger.

Sucuk is harvested usually during the wine season. Grape juice is poured into a vat or other container, optionally adding honey to it, and thickened with starch. When the mixture becomes sticky, threads with nuts are dipped into it, and then ready-made “sausages” are hung to dry in the sun. It may be difficult to make such sweetness on your own, as a large amount of grape juice is required for its production, but you can buy Sucuk in Cyprus on almost every corner.