We present you the top 5 cute animals that live on the island. Some of them you meet daily, others may not have been seen at all. We hand over turnout passwords, where and when these little faces can be caught in Cyprus.

1. Seal Monk

The Mediterranean seal on the island is listed in the Red Book as an endangered animal species. To date, only 14 individuals of these cute animals live in Cyprus.

They could have been even smaller, but at the beginning of this year, good news came to the Akamas Peninsula – the furry baby Aphrodite was born  . The islanders greeted this news with admiration and decided that the gods themselves had sent the long-awaited baby to the island.

Residents of the island rarely see these cute mammals. But whenever they manage to meet with them, the islanders take photos and videos. These meetings are too rare. The last time a monk seal was observed  in Paphos harbor in May . And even earlier, in April,  Limassol residents noticed a white-bellied handsome seal and shot it on video.

The monk seal is an endangered species worldwide. Today, the number of these animals in the world is less than a thousand heads. The extinction of these animals is associated with anthropogenic impact, including direct destruction by humans.

2. Eared hedgehog

Another mimic resident of the island is a big-eared hedgehog. Considered a wild beast, although quite friendly. 

Often drops in to visit residents of private homes. But there were also cases when a thorny guest visited directly to tourists in hotels. It is impossible to drive him out – even, despite his thorns, he is too sweet.

The natural enemies of Cypriot eared hedgehogs are birds of prey, foxes and badgers. But thanks to its large locators, the hedgehog has excellent hearing and hears the enemy long before its appearance. First, the hedgehog tries to scare the enemy with a loud hiss, and then rushes into the race. And only if the enemy manages to catch up with a fast enough hedgehog, he uses heavy artillery, as he gathers – he turns into a prickly ball.

Eared hedgehogs live mainly in oases and near human settlements. With their strong legs, they dig half-meter burrows and live in them during the day, and at night they go out to hunt for insects, and if they are not rich in prey, they go to their human friends in the hope of making profit of unfinished fruit.

3. Tree Frogs

Ancient Greeks believed that frogs affect the fertility and crop of bread. This belief is also common in Cypriot villages. 

Offending frogs, beating them and even more so killing is considered a very bad sign. And tree frogs, besides being useful in the agricultural economy, are also insanely beautiful. On the island you can find these amphibians of all colors.

During the day, frogs, as a rule, fall asleep, and at night they lead an active lifestyle, croaking in the whole district. They live mainly in villages, on trees. But it happens that they are found in the city. Frogs are perfectly oriented on the ground. So when they go on a trip, for example, to a city, then they easily find their way home. In general, real travel frogs.

The amazing ability of long and quick jumps saves them from enemies. Fleeing from the enemy, tree frogs jump a distance of one meter.

But with regard to kisses, doctors do not recommend girls to kiss these beautiful frogs in the hope of a wonderful transformation into princes. The fact is that they are a little poisonous. For humans, this poison is not so dangerous, the maximum will cause a burning sensation. Nevertheless, it is better to refrain from kisses. And if you held the crumbs in your hands, it is better to wash your hands.

4. Flamingo

Pink flamingos are just a guest on the island. But regular. When flamingos arrive in Cyprus, locals and tourists open a real photo hunt.

Flamingos appear on the island, usually in winter, when the lakes of Larnaca, Limassol and Paralimni are filled with water and red algae. In winter, there is a real stir.

But sometimes flamingos can be found outside the salt lakes. Obviously, this is a flamingo that has strayed from a flock that was spotted on a dam in the Larnaca region.

Tourists specially come to the lakes to observe beautiful birds in a natural environment.

The more time flamingos spend on the lake, the more bright pink they get.

These birds are rather timid, so getting close to them is a great success. As soon as the indefatigable photographers try to get close to them to take a beautiful shot, the pack leaves the place. Or moves around the perimeter, away from the photographer. Zoodefenders  urge not to unnerve these beautiful birds and let them calmly survive the winter.

5. Seals. Where without them?

Seals around the world are a symbol of mimicry. And in Cyprus, this source of dopamine can be found on every corner. 

They easily sit on chairs and sofas in restaurants, are not averse to relaxing on sunbeds among generous tourists, calmly walk along the streets. They are not afraid of anyone, as if they are sure that they are direct descendants of Cleopatra.

Cypriot cats can be found anywhere.

If you want to get on a real cat show, come to the fishing marinas. When fishermen approach the shore with prey, there they are met by a whole cat orchestra.