Autumn in Cyprus is a great time!

The sweltering heat was already asleep, and the sea was still warm and gentle. In October, beaches and hotels gradually empty, water parks and water attractions on the beaches close. It is time for leisurely walks around the city, hiking in the mountains, outdoor activities and numerous festivals.

One of the most amazing events for real sweet tooth takes place in October in the beautiful village of Pedoulas.

Pedoulas is located in a picturesque mountainous place, at an altitude of 1100 m above sea level northwest of the peak of Olympus, in the Marafas valley.

The size of the village of Pedulas is very small. Its length from north to south is about one kilometer. And constantly in the village live 136 inhabitants. Although in the summer, the population of the village increases to almost 3,500 due to vacationers and summer residents.

In May, you can admire the flowering cherry trees, and in June taste the sweet and fragrant berries. For this, many call it a “cherry” village.

Meanwhile, grapes are also grown in Pedoulas. It is in October in the mountain village that the harvesting ends.

In the meantime, young wine wanders in barrels, the locals make traditional Cypriot goodies – paluse and sujuko, and set the festival in their honor.

This is considered the sweet completion of the work, the work that the peasants have to carry out during the year to get a crop.

This year, Cypriots celebrated the Paluses and Sujuko Festival on a grand scale.

In the morning, on the main square of the village, in a large saucepan, the hostesses cooked a mass of grape juice and finely sifted paluses flour. 

By the way, the lesson is not easy, since it must be constantly mixed so as not to burn and not stick to the walls. The process lasted several hours. Those who arrived early at the festival were able to see this interesting action and try the delicacy in the heat of the heat, still hot.

However, those who managed to participate in the manufacture of Sujuko were most fortunate.

The festival guests were given a unique opportunity to dip the strings with almond or walnuts strung on them into a cauldron with hot paluse mixture and make their own “sprig” of Sujuko.

The process was very entertaining – the thick mixture completely enveloped the nuts, which resulted in rather long and thick “sausages”, which were then hung out in the sun to dry. The people were thrilled.

A small fair opened here with various treats and souvenirs. Everyone could buy sweets, jam, pastries, meat products, liquors and nourishment.

As at any Cyprus festival, it could not do without traditional dances, songs and simply lively live music.

The festival was opened by a certain official with a solemn speech. Then the Cypriots in national costumes started to dance. Dances were accompanied by incendiary national music and songs. Many of the festival guests sang along!

All guests of the festival were treated with national dishes. Well, what is a festival without traditional souvlaki?

Those who were tired of the noise, songs, dances and crowds, or wanted a cultural program, could walk around Pedoulas and get acquainted with local attractions.

The main in the village are the Church of the Archangel Michael, the Byzantine Museum and the Museum of Folk Art.

Undoubtedly, the holiday turned out to be bright, however, as always!