Soap Shop in Nicosia

Another unusual store is located in Lefkosa on the most shopping street near the checkpoint. I know about him for a long time, but somehow it was not possible to go in and take a picture of the assortment.

On sale soap of different colours, tastes, purposes (for dry skin, oily, etc. skin), is suitable for a lovely gift for absolutely everyone. By the way, this is a universal souvenir, if you do not know the person well, but you need to give something. You cannot imagine what kind of aromas there is, it is carried by the wind for many kilometres around the district.

Soap id brought from Turkey, the price is indicated in Euros and in Turkish Liras since the border is near. I was very interested in this instance – a washcloth saturated in soap, something unusual and interesting.

Behind the counter, the seller talks in Russian as well so can explain about each soap in details. There are oils and salt as well.

The store is located on the shopping street in Lefkosa, at the crossroads, not a couple of meters from Bedesten or a mosque.