In order not to get unpleasant consequences from sunbathing, it is important to know how to sunbathe.
 – Sunbathe better until 12 in the morning and from 18 in the evening. It was at this time that the sun was the most sparing and would please the skin with a bronze tint, and not red burns.
 – Remember sunscreens. For the first days of tanning, choose a cream with SPF30 protection factor, and for fair skin, it should be more than 40.
 – It is best to tan “sticks” when you are actively resting. For example, while playing beach volleyball. In addition, this contributes to an even tan.
 – Do not forget about the hair. It’s best to hide them under a hat. In addition, this way you will avoid overheating.
 – After tanning, use special lotions that moisturize the skin, nourish it with useful substances and keep the tan for a long time.
 – It is advisable to be in the sun no more than 2 hours a day. Even if you use sunscreen makeup.
 – After bathing, it is advisable to wipe with a towel, because every drop reflects the sun and can cause a burn.

 – Renew your sunscreen every hour, and lubricate your nose, chest, and shoulders every half hour.
 – With these simple recommendations you will get a gentle golden shade of the skin and do not harm your health!