Seafood in North Cyprus

With its beautiful Mediterranean waters North Cyprus has prime pickings for a great variety of seafood. You’ll have the opportunity to try out some delicious fresh fish food places that are rested right beside the harbour, with a selection to accommodate for those that want to try something adventurous or those that just want to stick with what they know and love.
Some specialties are sea bass, cod, tuna and sea bream. These are at their best when baked or grilled with vegetables and herbs and served on a bed of salad with a drizzle of sauce. Some types of fish are also served on skewers with vegetables, creating a colourful and refreshing taste palette. The barbun, otherwise known as a goat fish provides a lean meat that is especially popular around the North Cyprus region. If you want to try something a little different though then there’s always octopus, which when grilled and served with a cold drink is an exciting and unique holiday eating experience.
Fishing is a popular activity in North Cyprus, with an exotic array of sea life beneath those clear blue waters. With this in mind you’ll find some great seafood restaurants, especially in harbour villages such as Bogaz that have a selection of fresh fish including cod, tuna, sea bass, sea bream, octopus and the exotic sounding peacock wrasse. The variety is what makes the seafood on offer in North Cyprus so hard to resist. It’s the perfect choice if you fancy trying something new, or just a fitting meal to enjoy in the Mediterranean atmosphere.