Pottery of Northern Cyprus

Pottery is one of the oldest forms of Cypriot folk craft, unfortunately, it is not popular and disappearing now. Ceramics production in Cyprus flourished in the XVIII, XIX and XX centuries. Pottery was used everywhere in the household, as well as for storing agricultural products. Almost all ceramics had a functional purpose. Now in Northern Cyprus there is only one workshop “Dizayn 74 Pottery”, located in Kyrenia. There was also the production of ceramics in the villages of Varos and Lapita, but ceased in 1974.

In the workshop “Dizayn 74 Pottery”  they make mostly plates, candlesticks and various jugs. The painting is exclusively manual, there are products with drawings by scratching (without glaze). All products are made in a single copy, and if the shape is the same, then with different drawings. 

On products put a brand or write the name of a workshop.