Pishmaniye – Legendary Turkish sweetness

Pishmaniye is a legendary Turkish sweet prepared on the basis of flour and sugar.

The Legend of the Appearance of Pishmaniye

A long time ago, a rather famous confectioner lived in the Turkish city ​​of Izmit . His amazing sweets were known throughout the city. Travelers who drove alongside his pastry shop formed long lines to try his culinary creations. This confectioner was in love with one beautiful and very fatt girl. He no longer looked at anyone, and only loved her alone so much that he named his “Shishmaniye” after him. Shishman (Şişman) from Turkish is translated as “fatty”.

Once,he marries his lover. But, soon his life turns into a real hell, the reason for which was the extremely jealous and picky character of his beloved. And he had to divorce her. After their divorce, the sweetness called by confectioner “Shishmaniye” began to be called “Pishmanie”, which from the word “pishman” (pişman) means “repentant”.

 In appearance, they are the finest sweet “fibers” that most often come in a certain shape.  Remotely, this dessert resembles cotton candy. But just do not taste. The taste of writing is similar, oddly enough, to halvah.