Passion fruit

Passion fruit grows in Thailand. But you can find it in Cyprus . It is considered an exotic fruit, because it is very poorly transported and quickly deteriorates – it can rarely reach countries remote from its homeland.

From Thai, the name of the fruit is translated as a fruit of passion.

On the shelves you can find passion fruit of different colors: pink, yellow, red, purple.

The passion fruit tree is a kind of vines that grow in groups. Particularly striking is the period when the fruit is just beginning to emerge, because at this time the liana is overgrown with amazingly beautiful flowers.

The usual fruit of passion fruit is not very large, the locals call it a large grape, in appearance the passion fruit resembles grapes, the shape is also round and slightly elongated. The passion fruit peel is dense, and inside there is a jelly-like pulp without stones.

By its smell and taste, the fruit is very alluring, which I really want to try – its flesh is pleasant and slightly sweet in taste.

Passion fruit contains a large amount of sour juice and reduces thirst. That is why passion fruit is considered an ideal natural remedy for toning the body in hot weather.

Passion fruit is most often cut in half, and the pulp is eaten with a spoon. But it is best to make dessert or shake from this exotic fruit.