In Northern Cyprus in spring you can see a wonderful phenomenon – the blooming of wild orchids! 
Most species of plants and animals developed in the geographical isolation of the island, thus ensuring the uniqueness of the local flora and fauna . Such representatives of the flora of Northern Cyprus are wild orchids.

Many of the wild orchids are endemic – that is, they are found only here, and therefore are of great interest to scientists and nature lovers who come to see and study unique orchid species in their natural habitat.

Vegetation on the island a few particularly valuable species of wild orchids:
endemic Ophrys Umbilicata ,  Ophrys kotschyi and Ophrys argolica elegans and extremely rare Órchis punctulata(Orchis Punctate, listed in the Red Book of Russia category III -rare view) and Epipactis veratrifolia , images are often printed on postage stamps.

Cyprus has more than thirty species of wild orchids, and they need special protection. Orchids are very sensitive to human activity. Artificial fertilizers kill them directly, and clearing land, plowing, goat grazing and pollution of any kind also pose a great threat to these beautiful plants.






Serapias levantina