Medlar is a genus of plants that includes almost 30 species. Cyprus grow medlar Japanese. Another name is loquat.

The homeland of the Japanese medlar is subtropical territory of China. It was from here that the plant came to Japan, and then in the XIX century it was brought to Europe. Medlar is cultivated in Georgia, India, the USA, Ukraine, Southeast and South Asia and in the Himalayan mountains. This species is closest to quince, pear and hawthorn.

The plant begins to bloom in the fall, and the fruits ripen in the spring from May to June. They have a pear-shaped shape with a diameter of up to 10 cm. The skin color is orange-brown, the pulp has a juicy and sweet-sour taste. Inside each Japanese medlar there are large dark brown bones (from 1 to 5 pieces).

Jam, preserves, marmalade, marshmallow, juices, compotes, as well as wine and liqueur are made in the regions growing from it.