New Archeology Museum in Iskele to open in 2 months

The Iskele Archeology Museum is nearing the stage of completion. The building has been completed. The museum, which is expected to be in service within two months, will be the first museum to be opened in the Karpaz and Iskele region. Many works will be displayed from the Neolithic period to Roman period and the exhibits will be shown in a way that can live today.
Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu stated that his goals are to bring facilities to the country and to open new museums throughout the TRNC.
Ataoğlu stated that they are aware of the lack of museums in the country, and the work of introducing more museums is a priority – “The museums are the most important elements that tell the history of the country”.
Ataoğlu also stated that they did not use the historic train station in Güzelyurt effectively for the purpose of their studies and that they have the history which will now be shared. “The restoration work of Güzelyurt Train Station is continuing at a fast pace, and will find life “.