Museum of Icons

Not far from one of the oldest and largest fig trees in Kyrenia, near the city harbor, the Orthodox Church of Archangel Michael is located – a snow-white building built in 1860. Earlier in its place was a tower, which was part of the fortified city wall. Later, a high bell tower was added to the church, and one Turkish merchant allocated money to buy a large bell for her, who was friends with the then head of the church.

After the end of the civil war in Cyprus, when some Orthodox churches were closed in the Northern part, the icons that were kept in them were brought to the church of Archangel Michael. Although many especially valuable specimens were secretly exported outside the island and sold on the black market. So, according to the roughest calculations, dozens of frescoes and more than 20 thousand icons were illegally sold into private collections. Fortunately, some of them, such as the mural depicting the Last Judgment, were returned to the island’s authorities.

But still, most of the valuables and objects of art were preserved, and as a result, in 1990, in the church of Archangel Michael, they created a museum with one of the richest collections of icons in all of Cyprus. Some of them were written at the beginning of the XVIII century, most of them date from the XIX and XX centuries. So, among them there is an icon of St. Luke and the famous icon of the Beheading of John the Baptist (Baptist). In addition, there are also several rare editions of the Bible.

This beautiful collection will help to learn more about the history and art of Cyprus, to plunge into the amazing atmosphere of past eras.