Bad weather brought to the island not only flooded roads and houses, but also beautiful flamingos!

Two days ago, the inhabitants of Larnaca mourned – the city was almost cut off from the island. Two important roads were flooded with rain.

But yesterday, October 28, a real miracle happened – thanks to heavy rainfall, the salt lake in Larnaca was filled with water. Pink birds quickly learned about this and rushed there.

The inhabitants of Larnaca quickly forgot about the sorrows caused by precipitation, and rushed to the lake – to photograph and film “sunset children”.

Note that usually flamingos arrive on Lake Larnaca not earlier than December. There they feed on red algae, which is why their feathers acquire an interesting shade of sunset color. But this year flamingos are frequented. They were seen at the end of summer. And here they are again.

And if you are wondering why these beautiful birds fly to Cyprus, and what their rare species can be found on the island