So, friends, this is an urgent question. We survived almost a month of festive feasts. And now it’s scary to get on the scales.

Bastaslar announces January fat burning!

As a nutrition consultant in the recent past, I take on the mission of writing this blog.

First of all, you need to agree with your body.

Do you know that the body is stressed with the word “diet”? He begins to work in a tricky way. Even if you already eat very little, the cunning body does not process food, but puts it all back just in case. Defensive reaction. He is afraid that the mistress or the master of the body in the battle for a slender body, “fuzzy” from feasts, will cease to eat at all. So the first thing you need to agree with the body. Explain to him that you care, first of all, about him. Bad food, large amounts of cholesterol only kills cells. Therefore, we lose weight not because we want to wear a skinny and mini, but only for the sake of health (type). This is a very important psychological moment, it is on him that you need to tune in. All for the good of his beloved body. We refuse delicious foods because we love our body and wish it only good.

Diets for wimps!

Rather, for those who do not want to bother, count calories, BZHU and all that. And just takes and does, as the Kremlin diet suggests, for example. Although it is she who is more loyal, because there is presented an average diet. Nevertheless, one must understand that this diet is not suitable for everyone. Some have a lack of protein, while others have fat. With carbohydrates, problems are less common. It is necessary to listen to the body, to its needs. If it requires simple carbohydrates (cakes, chips, cookies) – give it to him. But agree that this is possible only in the morning. Preferably before lunch. While metabolism is ready to process all this, without leaving a greasy mark on the pope. But, as luck would have it, in the morning I don’t feel like it at all, right? I would like to jump under a blanket on a cold evening and eat, well, at least a piece of Sigma cake soaked in syrup. You can sweeten life in the evening. Herbal tea and a couple of spoons of honey will only benefit. Yes, and sweets after honey already do not want so much.

Lunch should be thorough. And it should contain fats and proteins. During lunch, you need to stuff the unshielded into yourself. Then the feeling of hunger will be satisfied until the evening. 

In the evening, it’s better not to eat at all. You can fool the stomach with a leaf of lettuce, cucumber, seaweed.

When losing weight do not create a cult diet.

No need to bother and cook according to books or recipes for women’s blogs. This is just food. She is needed so as not to starve to death. If you are really hungry, then a fresh crunchy Cypriot cucumber will be the most delicious dinner. And if you salt and pepper it, then it’s a feast of the stomach in general.

You should not feel guilty after eating!

Even if you broke and still turned into a night priestess and pounced on cookies with sweets in the moonlight – do not beat yourself, do not reproach and do not think that you are a weak-willed rag. If this has happened, let it be your little forbidden holiday. The body should not be stressed, remember this! He is your only assistant in the battle for a slim body.

Drink as much water as possible.

This truth is as old as the world. And she works. Firstly, water gives a feeling of fullness. Secondly, toxins and all unnecessary come out of your body with it. But thirdly, the body is rejuvenated. Water really helps to prolong youth.

How can Cypriot life help you lose weight?

Yes, very easy! Here is a storehouse of fresh natural vegetables and fruits. Here is an approximate food list that you can focus on when losing weight:


A glass of warm water or water at room temperature half an hour before meals. Between water and breakfast, it will not be superfluous to stand a couple of minutes in the bar, do a light workout, thereby preparing your body for a new day. Everything is possible for breakfast. It is advisable to start with cereals so as not to overload the stomach. Oatmeal and boiled egg – this is the best that mankind came up with for breakfast. And then you can have chocolate and chips. If you are a cholesterol or carbohydrate addict, try all this in the morning. It will not taste good. Remember these feelings.


It is advisable to eat more during the day. Well, if there is a first, second and dessert. Then by evening, the feeling of fullness will still be with you. If you share lunch with a friend, then in the evening you will get hungry again. It would be nice to eat plenty. Be sure to include hot food in the diet: meat, fish, side dish. And then it’s time for the Greek salad. The meat must be hidden in vegetables. And the fish greens and vegetables will add flavor, and you will have the feeling that the dinner was complete. As a rule, after empty fish there is a slight feeling of hunger. After lunch, it would be nice to eat a kiwi or a slice of pineapple: these fruits contribute to the breakdown of fats. And you can also eat a couple of olives, especially Cypriot ones, because they are the freshest and most natural. Olives act as a lipolytic, help burn fat. They also improve metabolism.


For dinner, it is better to eat fresh vegetables and herbs, since in Cyprus all this grows without any Chinese injections. Meat and fish do not have time to digest before bedtime. And that means that part of what is eaten will go to the thighs, the tummy and the most terrible – to the hands. Therefore, herbs and spices will help you. Fruits here are also not the best solution, because there are carbohydrates. For those who want to not only lose weight, but also give relief to the body, it is advisable to eat more protein. Including in the evening. Protein is the longest-digesting element, to process it, you need a lot of energy. And energy is taken from calories. So protein in itself is an excellent fat burner. You can take protein shakes. They are quite nutritious and after a month of their intake (even in the absence of training) you will begin to see your muscles. Protein supper is generally a great life hack.

Well, to make this whole thing more fun, you can start counting calories.

For women of average complexion who are not involved in sports, the norm is the consumption of approximately 1200 calories per day. 1800 is enough for men to lose weight. If sport is an integral part of your life, then the threshold for calories consumed is higher. But if you are really an athlete, then you can manage your body without my advice.

That’s all, friends!

I wish you an easy and exciting process of losing weight! In the summer we compare who could and who faked.