Lahmacun, also known as Turkish pizza, is a spicy Turkish/Middle Eastern dish consisting of a ground meat/vegetable mixture, spread on a very thin bread/cracker-like crust. It is very popular in North Cyprus. One can find it in the nearest bakery or make it yourself.

A pack of pitas
1 lb ground beef
1 lb white onion
1 or 2 tomatoes
Salt, black pepper to taste
If you can’t find tomatoes, you can replace it with 2 table spoons of tomato puree.

Peel, wash, place onions with tomatoes in a food processor and ground.
Add salt, black pepper and meat, ground 30 seconds more.
With the help of a spoon spread this mixture over pitas.
Put them in oven and bake at 400F about 20-30 minutes.
Check to see whether meat is cooked. Serve hot.