Kalkanli olive trees

The olive tree needs a long time to grow big, but after that can get several hundred years old. Such and other miracles of nature can be experienced in North Cyprus during a trek along the historic olive grove of Kalkanli.
Here the oldest trees originated from the 12th century, many more trees were planted by the Venetians later on. The oldest known olive tree worldwide is estimated to be 4000 years, since the interior of the tree, however, is missing, the existing material is at least 2000 years old, this tree is located in Crete, Grece.
Kalkanli has some of the oldest olive trees in Northern Cyprus reaching ages of 750 – 1000 years. The fields make part of popular walking paths around Kormacit and are a standard part of ecotourism and agro tourism programs.
Walk starts at a fresh water spring. The water is collected into an aqueduct and flows down through a lush green valley. This is a rare green valley with one of the few annual springs in North Cyprus. There are many aquatic and wetland plants growing along the aqueduct. The narrow winding trail follows the water course down the valley mostly shaded by tall pine trees. At the end of the aqueduct there is a big water tank to collect the water where it is used for a centuries old olive orchard.
There are about 2000 olive trees with 400 of them over 500 years of age. Some of the oldest monumental olive trees are 800 – 900 years old and still bearing edible fruits.