Jasmine Court Hotel & Casino

Having one of the biggest casinos of Middle East and Balkans, “Jasmine Court Hotel&Casino”, the symbol of Cyprus, opened its doors to guests in 2015-July, after two years of complete renewal and change project.

Having added a modern touch to its architecture with a decoration that suits our age, “Jasmine Court Hotel & Casino” presents its renewed style with “Crowned privileges…” motto, to its guests. Light colors and plainness are emphasized at “Jasmine Court Hotel&Casino”, which renovated itself to host its guests with a decoration that suits today’s architecture with a plain and modern style.

“Jasmine Court Hotel&Casino” includes restaurants that offer tastes from Turkish cuisine and various world cuisines. You are going to enjoy the pool with Green House, BabaçakkaRestaurant, I’laBeach Club and White Bar, and Pool Bar positioned next to you will also be serving you in the new season .

In addition to giant outdoor swimming pools at “Jasmine Court Hotel&Casino”; the Mini Club for which every detail is planned for those families who want to have a holiday with their children, is specially designed for small guests. A special playing field, child restaurant, Playstation Hall, DVD hall, sleeping rooms and WC for children ara available. Families have the option to leave their children under the safety of professional child trainers during specific hours determined by our hotel.

Various services are provided with earth tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, mini soccer fields, badminton court with professional infrastructure in addition to large outdoor swimming pools and Fitness Center equipped with state of the art technology. “Jasmine Court Hotel&Casino” draws the attention with its coasts that include deck sunbathing areas with various themes positioned on rocks, one within the sea.

Deck sunbathing areas on rocks which are positioned at the coast are at the disposal of our valued guests with their special lodges and structures. Its distance to International Ercan Airport is 36 km, while it is 1 km to Kyrenia city center. Our hotel offers a magnificent and unique holiday opportunity with gorgeous scenery of the Mediterranean and Kyrenia mountains, where you can rest and have fun at the heart of city but far from the crowds of the city.

Distance of our hotel to Kyrenia city center is 1 km while it is only 36 km to International Ercan Airport, which provides great transportation ease in addition to peaceful and perfect holiday opportunity. “Jasmine Court Hotel&Casino”, with its new modern style adopted after the renovation, invites you and your guests to crown your unforgettable memories.