Iskender Kebab: the famous dish

Iskender kebab is a strip of mutton roasted on the fire, laid out over slices of pide tortillas and sprinkled with hot tomato sauce. Served usually with yogurt and a pair of grilled green peppers. Home “chip” dishes: when serving, it is poured on boiling butter before your eyes. It is believed that this gives the dish a special, incomparable taste. 
About the origin of the dish there are 2 versions. Or rather, one official version and one legend. According to legend, the inventor of Iskender Kebab was Alexander of Macedon himself (Alexander in Turkish – Iskender), who once, on a halt, put himself fried meat on a flat cake, poured it with tomato sauce and yogurt, and so he liked his own dish that he ordered to remember the recipe and call it your name.
The official version says that Iskender Kebab owes its appearance to one Iskender-Efendi, who lived in Bursa at the end of the 19th century, and opened a restaurant of the same name, which still serves the famous dish in the best traditions. By the way, Iskender-Efendi is also credited with inventing a vertical skewer for roasting meat, from which thinner pieces can be cut, falling into a special pan, and not into fire. With this method of cooking meat is more tender and not overcooked.