Hürdeniz Fish & Meat Restaurant

Since Cyprus is a Mediterranean island, most people come with the expectation of eating fish and seafood.

Hürdeniz is working with fix menu. Which are cold appetizer / hot and cold appetizer/ hot, cold appetizer and main meals. Of course, a very rich menu except their existing restaurants and a variety of fresh fish to choose from at the entrance to the exhibition.  On the table as a cold appetizer pickled tuna, sour fish, kipper, fish bacon, smoked salmon, grill eggplant, octopus, tahini and salad. . Hot entrees as well as squid frying pan, stuffed squid, shrimp, seafood rice, fish fajita and mussels. Even though the portions of cold appetizers seem to be quite small, the whole menu is very satisfying, and it is not possible to eat fish, but if you want to eat, there are fishes such as sea bass, sea bream, horse mackerel and tabby. 

Naci Talat Caddesi 40 / C Zeytinlik, Kyrenia
+90 392 816 12 
 Working hours : 12:00 – 23:00