The huge, loggerhead sea-turtle, also known as the Caretta-Caretta, is on the list of endangered species and is therefore carefully protected by the laws of Cyprus.

The weight of a caretta-caretta can reach 160 kg (for comparison: domestic turtles weigh no more than 100-300 g). 

She is “big-headed” because she does not hide her head under the shell, as her close relatives do. Instead of paws, sea turtles have flippers, and now they are hiding in the “house”, like an airplane landing gear. 

About 800 loggerheads remained in the world, so giant turtles were listed in the Red Book. 
In most cases, in Cyprus, carriages  live on Lara Beach , on the Akamas Peninsula, where they sail to lay eggs. 
However, they are increasingly being found off the coast of other coastal cities of the island.

So, at the weekend, the videographer of the Cyprus from Air team was lucky to photograph two large Caretta-Caretta individuals at once in the water area of ​​Limassol, near the new port. 
Huge turtles floated carefree in the sea, either diving, then again hiding under the water.

Manos Votrini managed to make amazing shots that he shared on the group’s Facebook page. 

We look and enjoy!