House Museum Dervish Pasha

Dervish Pasha is a well-known publisher of the first Turkish newspaper in Cyprus “Zaman” (in translation means “Time”) and the last judge in the state during the existence of the Ottoman Empire. Dervish Pasha built his own two-storey mansion in the city of Nicosia in the XIX century. Currently, this house is the only museum of ethnography of Northern Nicosia. Each visitor to the museum receives an excellent opportunity to see valuable exhibits, allowing you to better learn the history of Cyprus.

Exhibits of the Museum of Nicosia

On the ground floor of the Dervish Pasha House-Museum there are rooms. It was here that the practical activities of many people who influenced the history of Cyprus took place. There is also a kitchen, a room in which there is a brazier, a painted chest and an old mill. 

The third room presents exhibits relating to the culture of the Ottoman Empire, namely: tools, metal utensils, dishes with mother of pearl and valuable archaeological finds. Thus, during a visit to the house museum of Dervish Pasha you can learn not only the history of Cyprus, but also explore the history of the Ottoman Empire.
Rooms in which family members lived, go to the stairs. From here you can go to the veranda. Each visitor to the museum complex can visit the living rooms and see the embroidery, made in the Turkish style. Among the exhibits can be noted a red vest and dresses worn by the last cadi of Cyprus. 

In 1978 – 1988, restoration work was carried out in the house-museum. After the restoration, the Dervish Pasha House Museum in Nicosia was opened and received the status of a house museum. Since this time, the museum center has become of great interest to many tourists who want to learn more about the history of Cyprus and the Ottoman Empire. 

Tourist information

The museum can be visited from 9.00 to 17.00 from Monday to Friday. If you decide to visit this museum center during your trip to Nicosia, you should know that it closes at 1.00 pm on Saturday and is a rest day on Sunday. 
For the entrance to this museum of Nicosia, you must pay 4.5 Turkish liras, or about 2 euros. 

The mansion is located in the western part of the city on Belig Pasha Street, near Archbishop Cyprianou Square. 
All the museums of Nicosia are worthy of attention of tourists, but if you want to get acquainted with the history of the Ottoman Empire and Cyprus closer, you need to visit the house museum of Dervish Pasha. A trip to the city of Nicosia can be more informative if you visit this unique house-museum.