Guzelyurt is the fruit paradise of Northern Cyprus.

The city of Guzelyurt (Morfu), located on the coast of the bay of the same name, is located in the northwestern part of the island 40 km away. from Nicosia. Surrounded by countless citrus plantations, the city received the name Morphu, which means “beautiful.”

There are several interpretations of the name of the city Guzelyurt. Translated from Turkish, Guzelyurt means “beautiful country” or “good land.” Both proposed options are to some extent suitable, but none of them reflects the beauty of the city and its surrounding lands. This definition of fertile land was not accidental, because it is all immersed in greenery and famous for its citrus orchards. That is why the city is often referred to as the “orange” capital of the island. 
However, only citrus these lands are not limited.

Excavations of archaeological expeditions have shown that the emergence of the first settlements in these parts refers to the beginning of the Bronze Age. It was then that the development of copper deposits began here, which did not stop until the middle of the XX century. During the time of British rule, the ancient city of Morphu, receiving the status of a city, began to develop rapidly, helped by the British built railway connecting the plain part of Cyprus, called Mesaoria, with Morphu, Famagusta and Nicosia .