Green Almond

In Cyprus, almond trees are cultivated on an industrial scale. But in the mountains of Cyprus you will find a huge amount of wild almonds – in winter, pink clouds of flowering trees seem to hover over the slopes of mountains.  Almonds are actively used in the culinary traditions of Cypriots, and therefore in the markets and in supermarkets of the island you will find fresh (even unpeeled!) Almonds, various pastries with almonds, grated dried almonds, and of course, delicious marzipan.

The flowering of almonds in tales and legends marks the arrival of spring. If you believe this will take, spring arrives in Cyprus at the same time as the end of autumn: as early as December trees appear on the slopes of the Mountains, covered with pink and white foam – almonds are blooming.
Almond is considered the birthplace of Almond – Transcaucasia, the Armenian and Iranian Highlands, Mesopotamia, the Arabian Peninsula. Green almonds are sold in markets and in all Cyprus stores. Raw almonds contain a large amount of useful nutrients. This little green miracle has long been known for its healing properties. Researches of scientists have found that eating raw almonds is beneficial not only for health, but also for the beauty of skin and hair.

In March and April, green almonds  Çağla (Unripe almonds) is sold everywhere. Locals dipped it in salt and nibble with pleasure that I could not resist and also bought. Bitten hard and juicy fruit tastes sour, fresh with a faint lemon note. There are no stones inside the fruit, it has not yet been formed.

How to eat :

First, they are marinated and served as an appetizer.  You can fill it with any marinade.
Usually people used salt ,
grape vinegar or citric acid. 
Garlic is most often added to the marinade, less often is and celery leaves. Some poured some more olive oil on top. 
In general, there is no fundamental difference. 
Marinate and roll like regular gherkins. 
Only adjust the acid, the tea itself is sour.