The Miracle of breeding, orange hybrid and pomelo – #grapefruit. One of the seven super products that help to abandon the use of flour and sweet. Research on grapefruit fruit has shown that according to the content of useful substances, they surpass oranges and tangerines, and are in no way inferior to the healing and nutritional value to the best varieties of lemons. And Therefore, #grapefruit is a worthy contender for a place in your homestead site.
If you are not a happy owner of such limited in Cyprus, because of such a valuable resource as a land, you don’t need to be upset about this. There are many ways to cultivate the grapefruit tree in the cadka.

Grapefruit room will be a beautiful decoration for your winter garden, office, shop or spacious room.

At a young age, the plant grapefruit at home feels good on the windowsill. An Adult Grapefruit looks great in the winter garden, in offices, in closed loggias. The plant requires light, sunny, warm places of detention. Plant feeding is spent twice a month with the use of complex fertilizer.
Young plants are transplanted annually, plants over 5-6 years old – once every 3-4 years.

Before you grow grapefruit at home, you need to know that it produces annually, exclusively on current shoots, which should be remembered when forming crown and when cutting branches. Young plants begin to bear fruit at the age of two years.

And another not little important point: Grapefruit Seeds Extract is a truly magnificent healing remedy.
However, do not forget, the use of grapefruit is contraindicated to people who take hypotensive drugs.