Girne American University

The American University is dedicated to making American model learning opportunities accessible throughout life and to making them challenging and relevant to a diverse population of young adults. Its aim is to make possible an education that is at the same time both accessible and excellent. It does this through exceptional management of the University operations and resources, innovative delivery systems, student services and relevant programmes that are learner-centred, success-oriented and responsive to technology.
Girne American University was founded in 1985 as an independent, non-profit institution of higher education. From its establishment, the university has focused on providing access to an American-based higher education to the widest possible group of young learners. In charting its course for the next century, GAU will continue to be guided by this special mission.
To serve its objective, GAU uses a wide range of strategies. It fosters a variety of instructional approaches, encourages scholarship, engages in collaborative community services and empowers its constituents to become responsible citizens in an interdependent, pluralistic, global community.
It has 6 International campuses:
– Canterbury UK
– Istanbul, Turkey
– Chisinau, Moldova
– Washington DC, USA
– Hong Kong SAR
– Colombo, Sri Lanka

Girne American University, University Drive, PO Box 5, 99428 Karmi Campus, Karaoglanoglu, Kyrenia / TRNC
Call Center + 90 392 650 2000 Ext:1205 – 1179 – 1187 – 1185 – 1221 or mail,