Flowers of Northern Cyprus

The months of February to May bring the most beautiful orchids and wild flowers to Northern Cyprus; it is a haven for the nature lover and botanist. Driving along in your car or walking one of the many mountain trails you are strict by the colour and beauty that is before you. There are so many varieties of flowers, some are rare and can only be seen in certain places and would be easily missed if not pointed out the visitor.
There are 1250 native plant species to Cyprus, 17 endemics (only found in Northern Cyprus) and around 30 different species of wild orchids. The season for the orchids is late February to early May and you can expect to see up to 14 different species flowering at one time if you choose to visit North Cyprus in March or April. One of the earliest Orchids is the quite rare Fan-lipped Orchid (Orchid collina) and can still be found at the beginning of March in shady, moist places. The Giant Orchid (Barlia robertiano) is aptly named and is vulnerable as Cypriot people still pick the blooms to take home and put in a vase! The very rare orchids punctuate is seen in a profusion in certain areas during March but you have to know where to look as the yellow petals blend in easily with the natural surroundings. The beautiful Cyprus Bee Orchid (Ophrys kotschyi) is the orchid endemic to Cyprus and is a favorite with visitors who visit later in month.
Endemic Wild flowers : Onosma fruitcosum, Anthemis tricolour, Helianthemum obtusifolium, Onobrychis venosa, Tulipa cypria, Cyclamen cyprium, the endemic Cyprus bee orchid (Ophrys kotschyi).
Tulipa cypria

Onosma fruticosum

Cyclamen cyprium

Helianthemum obtusifolium
Naked man orchid

Bee orchid