Ezogelin Soup

Turkish cuisine is the object of endless admiration for true gourmets. I must say, the history of Turkish cuisine goes back to the era of the Ottoman Empire.

Along with respect for borrowed culinary traditions, the Turks are actively developing and improving their own national recipes and gastronomic features.

The Bride’s Soup, or Ezogelin Soup, is a traditional Turkish dish. It is made from tomatoes (or tomato paste), rice, bulgur and red lentils. The name comes from the name of the village Ezo Gelin. There is a story connected with the name of this soup about the Turkish girl Ezo, who lives more than a century ago in the north of Turkey. Once a girl cooked lentil soup, which was later called Ezo gelin çorbası- “Bride of Ezo”. Since then, in some regions of Turkey, lentil soup has been cooked by brides on the eve of their weddings.

The soup is made from red lentils, bulgur or rice and tomato paste.