Eared hedgehog

An amazing mammal of Cyprus, which stands out unusual for hedgehogs in the size of the ears (up to 5 centimeters). The hedgehog itself, at the same time, is quite small – up to 27 centimeters in length, and only the back of the animal is covered with needles — rather thin and short — only a strip of bare skin remains in the forehead area.

Eared hedgehogs feed on ants, beetles and other insects, and sometimes fruits. A favorite delicacy of this type of hedgehogs is eggs of small birds and snakes, which they hunt with amazing dexterity. Birds of prey, wolves, foxes and badgers, in turn, hunt eared hedgehogs themselves.

In winter, eared hedgehogs hibernate, eating fat accumulated over the summer. You can meet them in open spaces: in the steppes and semi-deserts, as well as in the vicinity of human housing and gardens.