Dr Fazil Küçük Museum

Doctor, newspaper publisher and politician Fazil Küçük was the Turkish Cypriot community’s leader from the 1940s to ’60s; when the Republic of Cyprus was created in 1959, he served as the first vice-president. This house, where he ran his medical clinic, is a shrine to his life. His study and examination room have been preserved, and interesting black-and-white photos (including pictures of former US president Lyndon B Johnson’s meeting with Küçük) line the walls.

Dr Kucuk died ofcancer in January 1984, and is buried in Hamitkoy.

The museum is in Dr Kucuk’s former home and office, and is located in Kyrenia Avenue. The museum was opened on the 14th march 1997, on what would have been Dr Kucuk’s 91st birthday. It is the first private museum in North Cyprus, and was created with contributions from his family.

There are two main areas in the museum. In the study, all the books and belongings used by Dr Kucuk up to his death are displayed. The clinic and pharmacy houses the original furniture used in the patient’s waiting and treatment room.

Also on display are documents relating to the Halkin Sesi newspaper, and gifts to Dr Kucuk during his political career.

The museum is small, and has a dual function as a research library. Consequently the door is frequently closed. This, however, does not necessarily mean the museum is not open and it is worth trying the door.