The moon pampered the earthlings with a super-moon, and, once, descended to a total lunar eclipse. The season of observations ends with one of the most ambitious cosmic shows, the Geminida meteor shower.

What are Geminids?

Meteor shower, which runs from 1 to 17 December.

On the nights of December 15 and 16, he will be most active. One of the most powerful stellar rains. In 2011, it gave a spike of up to 200 meteors per hour, which is 2 times more than that of the traditional August Perseid Stream. Often there are bright meteors and fireballs.

The stream was opened at the end of the XIX century. Presumably, the stream is associated with the asteroid (3200) Phaeton (1983 TB). Meteors of Geminids are very bright. The stream flies not towards the Earth, but catches up with it, because the speed of meteors is low (about 35 km / s).

Where and when to search?

A meteor shower will be observed near the bright star of Castar in the constellation Gemini. It is located a little to the left and above the constellation Orion.

In order not to miss the starfall already from 20.00 it is worth looking to the east. At first, meteors will appear almost parallel to the horizon.

Why is this cool?

These meteors are very slow, which allows them to be bright and leave beautiful long footprints. For those who want to capture the starfall on the camera, or even mobile, this is probably the best option.

In addition, on this night, residents and guests of Cyprus will be able to observe the periodic comet 46P, which is also known as the Comet Virtanin. It is very bright and large. She has the angular size, almost like the moon.

The comet has an emerald glow, which arises from the ultraviolet solar irradiation of a gas in a cosmic vacuum. Looking for her in the night sky is to the right of the constellation Orion, approximately 10 ° from Aldebaran. It will be at a short distance from the Earth and will be perfectly visible.

All romantics, astronomy lovers, as well as those who did not have time to make a wish for a falling star during the year, are invited to the rooftops of the city or better by nature, so that artificial light does not spoil the picture, and on the open horizon a beautiful phenomenon can be seen much better.