Cyprus has many date palms that grow along streets and roads. In the fall, a crop of dates ripens on them, which usually no one gathers. Unfortunately, dates are not grown on an industrial scale here. In some stores you can find on sale fresh local dates, but this is quite rare. Dates are very useful and have long been known for their healing properties. They say that they contain the whole complex of substances necessary for the complete nutrition of a person, including various amino acids that are not found in other fruits. Dates satisfy hunger well, as they very quickly increase blood sugar levels, so they are especially useful for intense mental and physical exertion, fatigue and exhaustion.

Date palm is  known to people so long ago that it is impossible not to remember which people first used its fruits. As a result of research by archaeologist , it became known that  in Egypt the  fruits of date palm trees were grown even in the Neolithic era. In the 5th millennium BC, date gardens were cultivated between the Tigris and Euphrates between the rivers. In ancient Egypt,  date palm was used not only as an agricultural crop, but also had religious significance. Mummies were found wrapped in date palm leaves. Fruits were left as offerings to the departed kings  in Giza (20th century BC). And as a symbol of the resurrection of Egyptians left bouquets of her leaves in the tombs of their loved ones. The date palm was also a symbol of the great sun god Ra.

The date tree has been growing for at least 60 years and brings an abundant harvest every year. Up to 80 kg of fruit can be harvested from each tree. But there are some improved varieties that bring up to 150 kg per tree.