Cyprus under storm watch

Yellow warning over Cyprus as Greek storm Hioney is lurking out west in the distance.

Greek storm Hioney, with gale force winds up to 10 points on the Beaufort scale, is expected to die out by the late afternoon. The systems are not expected to overlap. 

Maximum high temperatures will reach 15° Celsius inland as well as on the southern and eastern coasts, around 14 out west and up north, while it will be 3 degrees up in the highest elevations where frost is expected to form.

Minimum lows will drop down to 6° Celsius inland, around 10 in the coastal regions, while it will be zero degrees (0) at the highest elevations where frost is expected to form overnight.

Friday and Saturday will be partly cloudy while weekend showers over local areas have not been ruled out. Sunday temperatures could rise slightly but over inland areas only.