The story of a familiar married couple who visited Cyprus and experienced a rather terrible adventure made me look for other stories. It turns out that there are many of them …

Here’s what the friends of the author who returned from Cyprus a few weeks ago told:

We rented a car to see more in 8 days in Cyprus. The route was drawn up in advance, and pastime was scheduled almost by the hour. So we knew that on the fifth day of the trip we would have to spend the night in a tent, but that didn’t scare us much: in the rich hitchhiking past, this did not happen.

It was not far from the town of Polis, where we decided to stay. It was not entirely legal to pitch a tent on one of the beaches – there seemed to be some kind of reserve there. But we guys are neat and tidy, so we quietly set up a tent at dusk that had already arrived.

They prepared food on the burner, then drank tea and decided to sit by the sea, listen to his quiet conversation. We took a blanket, took refuge and sat in the dark. It was cloudless and the moon was shining. We chatted about something and did not notice how something went wrong.

It’s even difficult to say what became the first sign – probably the behavior of the sea. The lunar path curved, becoming like a zigzag: we thought that the waves overlapped in some strange way, but are still not sure that such a phenomenon is possible. The waves became larger, but quieter how this could happen is unclear.

Of course, far from civilization, in an unfamiliar country, at night – we just became creepy. We returned to the tent, lay down, but the dream did not go. We again missed the moment when everything was quiet. What all”? Yes, absolutely everything: the sea, the stirring of leaves, as if the movement of air also froze. It seemed that a complete vacuum formed around the tent. We did not dare to leave the tent. The night was spent in restless drowsiness.

As soon as it got a little brighter, the sounds familiar to the outside world returned. We got out of the tent and quickly left there.

It could be attributed to our common paranoia, although this is not the first time we have been spending the night in wild places. But in Polis we talked with a local merchant, and he said in broken English (we understood it in general terms) that this happens, and after that the fishermen find dead fish. It seems that this kind of sea spirit is naughty … To be honest, we decided not to spend the night in Cyprus in a tent, and for the rest of the trip we used the services of hotels, hostels and private landlords.

It is not clear what happened then. But this prompted the author of the article to search the forums, and – incredible! – found a similar story.

True, it occurred on the other end of Cyprus – somewhere in its north-eastern part, in the occupied territory. Here’s what the guys who spent the night in the car say:

It was a warm season, the coast. We settled down to spend the night in a car, because we did not want to go to the hotel in the dark. To pass the time, we sat down to watch a movie on a laptop. Somewhere in the middle, I (the girl) had an irresistible desire to turn off the film. This desire was inexplicable, and I was ashamed to voice it, but the guy for no reason took and turned off the movie. It turned out that he had the same unpleasant feeling.

We began to listen and realized that we did not hear anything at all! The cicadas, who had shouted deafeningly an hour ago, fell silent. No breeze, no birds, no insects – nothing. Only a crushing feeling of emptiness. Smartphones stopped catching the network, although up to this point everything was fine.

We managed to fall asleep, but the biggest shock awaited us in the morning: the car was … covered with hoarfrost! This is Cyprus, here even in winter there is no snow on the coast … And then, if there were frosts at night, we would feel the cold … But there was nothing like that.

We hastened to leave from there, and no one believed us – probably we had to turn to the locals, but we had problems with the language. Yes, and would take us for the crazy …

Mysterious events take place not only in the dark in Cyprus – you can see abnormal things even in the afternoon.

For example, on the  Kuris dam or off the coast of  Ayia Napa, they regularly “notice” the Loch Ness … more precisely, the Cyprus Ness monster.

An unidentified giant creature continually peeks out of the water, scaring tourists. Locals regard him as a native, and most do not believe in him: there are no photographs, videos, or other documentary evidence. Everything is based on words.

Another creepy place is the 101st room castle. Until now, no one can say for sure which of the three castles of the Kyrenia ridge had one hundred and one premises:  Buffavento , Cantara or the fortress of  St. Hilarion .

But it’s known that there is a hundred and first room in which innumerable treasures are hidden, and a terrible legend that once friends were lucky to find it, but they were locked in it for forty years – once in forty years the door opened only for a day.

Oddly enough, the guys survived by falling into a sleepy trance (as in the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”). When they woke up, they were cruelly disappointed: gold did not bring happiness. After all, all the relatives of the guys died long ago, but in their native lands, no one recognized them. In desperation, they returned to the castle and committed suicide. Until now, some mystically minded people tell us that they had seen in Buffavento Qantarah or shape, like ghosts.

But these are all mystical stories without material confirmation that sceptics will not catch. For them, there are more real facts that are worse than any fiction.

For example, everyone loves to visit the abandoned Berengaria and recall the legend of the father’s spirit that punished the sons. But all this is a harmless legend, while there are abandoned places with a terrible history in Cyprus.

This is a ghost airport near Lacatamia, Nicosia. His short history is full of catastrophes and accidents. The largest of them – crashed on the approach to the Bristol Britain airport, and all 126 people on board died. This happened in the 67th year due to bad weather.

In the 73rd year, an aircraft of one of the Egyptian airlines lost control and scratched the hillside of the Pentadactylos Range. As a result of a terrible death, 37 people died, including the crew.

Six months later, another crash occurred, this time without casualties: the plane unsuccessfully landed away from the runway. His remains still lie on the territory of the ghost airport.

The airport received the last blood during the Turkish invasion: two aircraft were shot down, the total number of deaths was 33 people. Maybe it’s good that he is inactive now – his reputation is too bad.

And finally, you can not pass by the most terrible history of Cyprus in 2019 – the worst thing is that it is completely real.

It is associated with the bloody Lake Mitsero and the first  maniac in the history of the island .

Mr. Metaxas lured women through a dating network, and then killed them. He dumped the bodies of the victims in the most suitable place in the atmosphere, a bloody lake with toxic fumes. The number of those killed by his hands included children …

But for several years tourists took pictures against the backdrop of the lake and a protruding suitcase with the body of one of the victims! Imagine how these people felt when they realized that in their picture – not imaginary blood, but real – there, inside the suitcase …

Verily, the most terrible thing is that which can happen in reality.