Citrus season in Cyprus

In  Cyprus you can find a full range of citrus fruit available from October to June, with many of the popular varieties of oranges, lemons, grapefruit and soft citrus.

Cyprus had wide number varieties of oranges and earned reputation for its high quality.  Below are the main varieties that grown in Cyprus and you will easily find in the market.

Navel (or  Washington)

Navel is the best eating oranges.The fruit is of round shape and has a light orange peel color with a sweet and naturally very juicy flesh. Navel can be eaten out of hand, juiced, or used in jam and dried fruit production. In Greece, navel are known under the name “Merlin”, the English botanist Lord Merlin who brought them to the island of Corfu in 1925. In Cyprus, Navel is also popular as Merlin orange. The Merlin is available during November through April, with peak supplies in January, February and March.


Valencia late

Valencia’s skin had deep orange color and smooth texture. It’s have seeds and bright orange color inside. Valencia is primarily grown for processing and orange juice production because it’s very juicy with excellent taste, though it is also common to eat as snack. Since the Valencia harvest time is during Feb/March – June,  which is consider as a late fruit compare to other orange, Valencia orange is the only variety orange during summer, when other oranges are out of season.

White Grapefruit/Marsh Seedless ; pale yellow skin, bitter-sweet taste. Usage : Eaten fresh, for salads, in cooking, beverages and dessert.

Red Grapefruit/Star Ruby : the red color blush to the skin. Usage: Eaten fresh, for salads, in cooking, beverages and dessert. The oil from the peel/skin is used for aromatherapy oil.



Clementine is (mostly) small, had deep orange color, smooth and glossy skin appearance, but it is not always easy to distinguish from varieties of mandarin orange.  The taste is very sweet and mostly seedless. Perfect for quick and easy snack


Nova is hybrid Clementine and Orlando tangelo, has a thin reddish orange skin, easy to peel. It may bigger than Clementine (medium size), moderate seedy with dark orange flesh, juicy and sweet rich flavor .


Mandora (Mandarin hybrid cultivated in Cyprus)

Mandora is a cross of two super quality fruit mandarin and orange that’s grown in Cyprus. The fruit’s appearances look much like orange with tough skin and contain seeds. It is easily mistaken for a Clementine, but Mandora are usually bigger than clementine.  The taste is extremely sweet but well balanced with acidity, juicy and has a strong aroma. Mandora is currently the largest Cypriot agricultural product citrus fruit.