Çıralı Bakery

It was founded in 1946 in Çıralı (Lemba) Village of Cyprus. After working for a while in the central town until 1974, bakery products made uninterrupted production. In 1975, the company continued its production as the Girne Karakum Furnace, and in 1982 it established the present name “Çıralı Bread Bakery”. In the 60th year of its foundation, it increased its production capacity by replacing it with its new place.
    Both in terms of capacity and hygiene in Cyprus has been a first. Daily 50000 bread capacity stone-based tunnel oven next to the bakery products and the traditional 10 products of our Cyprus is frozen in hotels and restaurants are distributed. In addition to 40 employees, it provides daily service to all parts of Cyprus with 12 vehicles.
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Hazrat Ömer Street Kyrenia – Northern Cyprus