Cicada an elaborately singing insect

This insect lives practically all over the world where there are forests. That is why, it often becomes the food of geckos , chameleons , salamanders and even scolopendra . The overwhelming majority of cicadas prefer a warm climate, therefore, in mid-latitudes, only the species more adapted to such conditions is found – mountain cicada.

All these types of insects have the ability to produce melodic sounds with the help of special organs called cymbals. They are membranes located on the male’s belly. Thanks to special muscles, it can strain and relax them. This whole “mechanism” is equipped with a special camera to amplify the sound, which opens and closes with vibrations. All this allows you to create a melody that can be heard at a distance of 900 meters. Southern cicadas sing especially loudly.

Cicada in ancient Greece was considered a symbol of immortality. This is due to its long life cycle. It was believed that they lack blood, and they feed on dew. A cicada was placed in the mouth of a dead person to ensure its immortality.