Boza – well of health

Boza is a favorite drink in many countries. Some believe that this is the first beer known even to the inhabitants of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

It was made from malted bread crushed in water and left to ferment. For the manufacture of boza, used by the ancient Turks, in addition to the above ingredients were used: corn, barley, oats, rye. The drink contained about 1% alcohol, which did not prevent and does not prevent its popularity among the Turks.

According to legend, it is believed that the father of the Turkish boza is the Sultan and the fearless warrior Sarah Saltyk. This legendary man was honored after death. Therefore, many have refuted that such a hero who accomplished feats, including for his faith, could invent a low-alcohol drink. The famous traveler Evliya Celebi said that in the XVII century in Istanbul there were more than 300 shops selling this drink. No matter what they say, the drink survived its creator and still benefits people.

It is a sweet and sour drink with a slight keenness like kefir, resembling the taste of beer. The consistency of it is different, most often it is like liquid sour cream. Therefore, many bozu eat with a spoon, sprinkling cinnamon on top. Preparing a drink is very simple. Grain must be cleaned of husk. Then it needs to be soaked and calcined in a pan. Then put on a larger tray and leave to dry. The cooled grain is sifted. A little sugar and water are added to it. This is the basis for a drink. It is filled with old bozo and left to roam. After the bubbles appear, the drink is ready.

Boza is a very useful drink containing basic vitamins – A, B, B1, B2, B3, C, E. Also phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. The drink improves digestion and promotes the formation of breast milk in a nursing woman. Also, Bose can be called ready-made sports nutrition. In her the perfect combination and concentration of substances needed during exercise. Nutritionists say that Bose is indicated for those with a lack of vitamins, proteins, trace elements and carbohydrates. We must not forget that the Bose should be drunk as quickly as possible. After opening, the fermentation process continues and the drink loses its beneficial properties.
Boza is an ancient drink. It contains many beneficial substances.