Birds and Butterflies

By virtue of its geographical location, North Cyprus is a stopping off point for migrating birds. In North Cyprus, more than 370 species of bird can be spotted at various times of the year, particularly spring and autumn. The bird watching in North Cyprus is among the best in the Mediterranean.
As a result of position of the Island, many interesting birds are to be observed, especially during the times of Spring and Autumn passages. Of the indigenous species the largest are vultures and eagles.
Of the birds, notable for their song, the most outstanding are the Golden Oriole, Nightingale, Blue Rock Thrush and Black Headed Bunting; all to be heard early in Summer. The most spectacular and highly coloured birds commonly seen in the Island are the Golden Oriole, Bee Eater, Roller, Hoppoe, Kingfisher.
By happy chance, there are also more than 50 species of butterflies. A few of them are endemic to Cyprus whereas the others pass through as migrants between Africa, Southern Europe and the Middle East. Notably the red admiral (Vanessa atalanta) and the Cyprus meadow brown (Maniola cypricola) are in evidence throughout the year.