Bats in Cyprus

In Cyprus, you can see these types of bats and krylanov , which representatives of the northern latitudes hardly ever heard. For example, there are a large and small horseshoe, an Egyptian flying dog, an ordinary long-winged and an eagle-witted nightgown (and the list is far from exhausted). By the way, European species of bats (and even dogs) are cute and innocuous animals that have nothing to do with vampires and feed on small insects and immature fruits.

The Egyptian flying dog (also called the Nile Wings) belongs to the species of bats. This is the largest bat that can be found in Europe: the animal can be up to 17 centimeters in length, its coat color is brown, its belly is lighter. Egyptian flying dogs hunt at night, flying up to 40 kilometers. Animals feed on immature and spoiled fruits. Often these bats are kept in captivity as pets.

Small Podovonos – the smallest bat in Europe, the wingspan of which does not exceed 250 millimeters, and weight – 9 grams.