Traditional ayran is a cold drink, similar to kefir, which consists of yogurt, water and salt. No one knows exactly who invented it, but it is believed that its roots go back to Turkey. Ayran is a very popular drink in the countries of the Balkan Peninsula and in Central Asia.

In different countries, the recipe for its preparation varies, and – as is typical of a good child – in each region ayran has its own, local name.

Ayran can be drunk and chilled. For example, in the summer, ice, mint leaves and cucumber are added to the ayran to make the drink especially refreshing.

Residents of neighboring states were surprised to note that there are a lot of long-livers in the North Caucasus. After careful research, they concluded that an “unusual dairy product” has a “rejuvenating effect”. Since the secret of its preparation was carefully hidden from foreigners, it was not so easy to get the recipe.

Moreover, it turned out that Ayran among the nomadic tribes and sedentary peoples has a different consistency. However, everything was explained simply.

Nomads transported “concentrated” drinking in special waterskins (where it, by the way, and ripening), used it as a very nutritious product, and if necessary diluted with spring water – and received liquid ayran, the very one that was originally prepared by sedentary peoples. In the Caucasus, they know firsthand the amazing ability of this drink to quench their thirst.

Most often, ayran is consumed as a soft drink on hot summer days. This drink has other beneficial properties. Ayran not only refreshes, quenches thirst and hunger, but also gives vigor and strength. It consists of fatty acids and amino acids, which are well absorbed. Ayran improves metabolism, so diets using airan are so often observed by people suffering from excess weight. To lose weight with it, just drink airan. However, it should be used in small quantities and with caution should be treated by those who suffer from gastritis, duodenal ulcers and stomach ulcers.