Astrological forecast from November 04 to 10

Friends, the Mercury retrograde period continues, unfavorable for undertakings, so we try to complete and finish things …

The beginning of the week can be stressful, so you need to try to smooth out conflicts, if possible, to be less in crowded places, to be vigilant. It’s very good to direct energy to something useful, such as sports or cleaning. From November 7, the planetary picture will be more harmonious. It can bring us success in society, career growth, increased self-esteem and creative take-off … On the weekend we are waiting for important news, interesting communication. We must try to conduct them actively and interestingly. 
November 04 is a busy day, especially its first half. We try not to quarrel with friends, and to show diplomacy. Reasonable physical activity is needed. 
November 05th– be careful on the road, try not to quarrel with the environment. The most productive time is until 17:40, then the moon will be off course – we will do the usual things, be careful. 
November 06 is a good day for creativity, relaxation, spiritual practices. In the morning – we try not to quarrel with women, we treat our partners diplomatically. 

November 07 is a very auspicious day that will give us Inspiration and a calm, pacifying mood … It is good for immersion in the world of creativity, spiritual and esoteric practices, meditation, prayer and charity. 
November 08 – the first half of the day will be unproductive, and can bring distraction and lack of assemble. But after 14:50 Moscow time, it will be a great time to show personal activity, determination and courage, to show oneself in the best light. The evening is good for dates.  

November 9 – Saturday will be influenced by the Moon in Aries, in a convergent aspect with Saturn – this can give impulsiveness, impatience, and at the same time, a minor mood and difficulties in communicating with elders. We try to act according to plan, avoid suspiciousness, immerse ourselves in business. And at the same time … we uncover secrets and secrets, which will be greatly facilitated by the aspect of Mercury and Pluto …

November 10 – the first half of Sunday requires caution, avoiding conflicts and diplomacy. The period from 15 to 17 hours Moscow time – will be successful for the manifestation of personal activity … And then – there will be a calm evening, which is best spent – relaxing, watching a good movie … 
Have a successful week!