In Cyprus, the daffodil is one of the most beautiful and fragrant wildflowers.

This is a symbol of love, new beginnings, good luck, but at the same time, thanks to the myths of narcissism, a symbol of vanity and selfishness:

The name of these beautiful flowers with a strong stupefying sweet smell comes from the name of young Narcissus – the son of the river god Kefissa.

According to ancient Greek mythology, Narcissus was a wonderful young man who delighted everyone with his amazing beauty, but at the same time he remained cold and indifferent. He rejected the love of all and did not consider anyone worthy of his love.

One summer after a hunt, thirsty, he went to the river to get drunk and saw his beautiful reflection in the water.

Narcissus did not realize that it was just his own reflection, and fell in love with him, so much that he did not want to part with his reflection anymore.

Unable to leave the charming image, Narcissus inflicted suffering on himself and was dying of hunger. In the end, he realized that the passion burning within him cannot be mutual.

Narcissus has turned into a beautiful fragrant flower that blooms along river banks and moist meadows :

In Cyprus, daffodils are found mainly in low-lying areas, at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level, on soils that hold moisture well, since daffodils are very moisture-loving:

These charming and beautifully smelling flowers bloom in Cyprus from November to February. They can reach a height of  40 centimeters:

Massive flowering of wild white daffodils in Cyprus can be seen on the Akamas Peninsula   and on  Cape  Kavo Greco , in  Morphou ,  Kyrenia  and especially on the low, gently rolling plain of Mesaoria, which is irrigated during the rainy season by the temporary flows of the Akaki River:

According to modern scientific research, fragrant wild daffodils contain the substance Galantamine – a drug used in Alzheimer’s disease.