Alagadi beach

Alagadi beach is one of the best known public beaches in North Cyprus. It is situated in the eastern part of Kyrenia and consists of three bays. Alagadi beach is perfect for spending time at the sea shore with a family. Sand is throughout the beach, the water is shallow and goes gradually deeper. This makes an ideal environment to enjoy the sea. Many people like to come here to swim, sunbathe and enjoy the spotlessly clean water. There is something special about the beach: it is the nesting place for loggerhead turtles that come to the beach every year to lay eggs. They come ashore, dig holes in the sand, lay eggs, cover the eggs with sand and leave the beach to come again only next year. When the time to hatch comes baby turtles struggle their way to the surface and run into the water. This part of life circle is especially dangerous for the endangered species. That’s why Alagadi beach is protected by the government. There are several restrictions everybody who comes to the beach should know: you are not allowed to bring beach umbrellas to the beach, dogs are also not allowed, you shouldn’t litter and not allowed to come at night from May to September, as night is the best time for baby turtles to hatch, motor yachts are not welcome here as well.
Nature enthusiasts can book a night hatching tour from local SPOT volunteer organization, which watches after every turtle’s nest and help baby turtles to hatch.