Rare luck smiled at an elementary school teacher at one of Dipkarpaz’s schools: the other day, he caught a huge sea bass on a hook. 

The weight of the fish was 38 kg!

By the way, Cemil Gürsel has been fond of fishing since early childhood. For a man, this has long been a favourite hobby. In most cases, his catch was small fish, which Jemil lets go back to the sea. Thus, the teacher took care of the conservation of nature, which is very commendable.

Gürsel is convinced: “People live their lives using natural resources. The more stable the state of nature, the more stable and high-quality life for people. ”

Apparently, the man’s efforts were not in vain, and the universe decided to reciprocate, giving him a generous gift.

Finally, Jemil was really lucky – from a depth of 270 meters he caught the largest fish in his life. Although it took a lot of effort to do this, the teacher experienced great joy from his catch.

“The fight with the fish lasted about half an hour. And when I pulled out the perch, I collapsed next to him, “Gürsel recalls the difficult fishing.

And then he adds that the joy of his catch will double as soon as he shares the fish with his family, relatives and friends.