2 and a half meters swordfish

Swordfish of the size of the sea, which is famous for the big fish attached to the net or fishing net, this time out of the sea of ​​swordfish.

The swordfish weighs 80 pounds, which is exactly 2 meters 30 centimeters in length.

Fisherman Mehmet Kayıkçı, who sailed from Yedialga to hunt with Baragadi, caught a giant Swordfish at a distance not far from the beach.

Living with fishing and regularly hunting baragadi hunting Mehmet Kayıkçı waited for the fish to hit the baragadil sees the giant Sword fell.

Mehmet Kayıkçı gave information to Havadis on the subject. Bu I came across this huge Swordfish for the first time. I realized it was a big fish when it hit Baragadiye, but I didn’t expect it to be such a big swordfish. We’ve struggled a lot to get Sandala out. Ultimately, we took the boat and went ashore. We were amazed when we measured his height. We’re very happy.

Giant Swordfish sold to Aspava, one of the famous restaurants of the region and waiting for its customers